Remote Jobs, WhatsApp Group and a Request!

Welcome to the 2nd edition of remote college jobs newsletter! You will receive any new jobs added to the Job Board in the past week.

New Jobs in the Past Week

Marketing Internship - The Capital Network

Marketing/Social Media Intern - Astra House

Executive Assistant to the CEO - GoingVC

VC Internship - Marc Rosner (Angel Investor)

Application links are on the site:


I have a new WhatsApp group to connect with others in your shoes and with mentors to get tips and advice when applying to jobs. You can join the group HERE and start by introducing yourself!


Lastly, I have a request. This is a brand new site and I’d love to make it something that is very useful to you. For that, I need to grow the audience who is using it to see what is helpful. If you could share with your college networks and send me screenshots of the shares, I’d be happy to hop on a call and help you with any mentorship or advice! Feel free to email me at : saitanmayi at gmail dot com