Remote College Jobs # 8

Jobs & a special entrepreneurship opportunity!

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Our community of subscribers grew by 150% this week !! So thank you for subscribing and feel free to leave any question/feedback in comments. As a reminder, all the opportunities I share are remote so you can work from anywhere!

🎉 Remote jobs added this week:

You can see these updates real time on the website. These are jobs that are hiring now.

Community Manager (Intern), Over Easy

Social and Communications Intern, Chicago Ventures

Content Creator / Technical Writer , LeetCode

Design Fellowship - Spring 2021, Redestricting Data Hub

Video Intern, Tara AI

Content Intern, Tara AI

Production Support Intern, Corra

Content Management Intern, YouNow

Customer Success Operations Intern, Strive

Consulting Engineering Intern, Confluent

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⛱ Summer Internships

It’s not too late to apply for summer 2021 internships! Below are virtual summer internships that were added this week:

Project Manager Internship, RedHat

Software Engineer Intern, Wish

Product Design Intern, Wish

Product Design Intern, Survey Monkey

UX Research Intern, RedHat

Design Intern, Unqork

Software Engineering Intern,

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🚘 Remote Entrepreneurship Opportunity

See the Tweet below announcing an exciting opportunity for students who want to start a company. It’s 1 week long and REMOTE! You can participate from anywhere and get mentored by some of the best people in Silicon valley:


Event for aspiring VC’s:

I wanted to share this upcoming event on January 8th for students are interested in venture capital to learn how to get a VC internship & learn about a fellowship opportunity that is remote.

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